Now that my final images have been chosen, my thoughts turned to the exhibition itself.

For quite a while I had an idea of how I would like to present my work and get some kind of interaction with the viewer/from the viewer.

Going back approximately four years ago I went to London to visit galleries and Museums – one in particular that I visited was the Photographers Gallery.

One artists’ display that stood out for me and so I took my camera and photographed that display.

In order to see the artist work the public had to get close to the wall and look through “an aperture”.

I found this idea original and it stayed with me all.


This is how I came to think and find a real connection between my work, my theme and the display I have seen in the Photographers Gallery.

I started to search on internet and do further research to see if there are or have been other artists who might have used similar type of display/technique and sure enough I was not surprised to see that Carrie Katz an American artist from San Francisco has built a gallery in her colleagues unused studio.

The Savernack Street Gallery can only be “visited” through a peephole in the front locked door and absorb the fine art that is just beyond reach.

Her reasons and message are totally different than those of my own and what I want to achieve.

As she says: “Historically, there’s always the reality of artists struggling financially, and it’s especially hard with the current lack of funding for the arts in this country. I wanted to start a gallery, but all I could afford is something that you can’t walk in.”


The way I visualise my work exhibited is: creating a false wall and place my work behind it presenting my images as a slide show.

At the front place a “spy hole” through which the public will be able to view the images.

Next to the spy hole I would place a printed label/card with the invitation: Take a Peep



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