There are times and places where people like being watched, and there times and places when people like watching. But in the “digital world” that we are living in the flaneur and the voyeur are brought together.

From reality TV, surveillance cameras, mobile phones to Facebook, etc. the flaneur and the voyeur come together to see and be seen no matter the reason behind.

We all are aware that we are watched, we accept it, became used to it and live with it.

We might not always like it and get nervous, or get a reaction, I guess it all depends on: who’s watching? and for what purpose?

As long as technology improves, and it does, and the availability of smart gadgets we can get ahold of is easier and easier in these modern days, we are all turned into some kind of photographer-cum-voyeur to a certain degree.

..and again, as per Helmut Newton: “Any photographer who says he’s not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar.”

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