The flaneur is a master of observing types of people, he is always wandering within the crowd but also separated from it.

At what point does the flaneur turns into a voyeur?

As to me there are always elements of the voyeur in a flaneur.

Maybe the voyeur is usually purpose-driven and has a particular thing that he wishes to see or find out. He has a desire, a hunger and a curiosity that need to be satisfied – he has needs to be fed.

One could say that voyeurism is about seeing without being seen whilst the flaneur is out in the crowd allowing people to see him or her.

How can you tell which one you are as a photographer, since when you are out in the crowd you are always also being exposed? Also, at some point you may turn the camera towards your face pretending (perhaps) to take a selfie in order to immortalise a moment without alerting people to what you’re doing, are you not taking a photo of yourself anyway?

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