The Voeyur

The Photography Museum Foam that I have visited was presenting the collection of the German photographer Helmut Newton – A Retrospective, which features over 200 photographs, ranging from early prints that rarely go on display to monumental photos.

He is known for his controversial work: on the one hand he will portray the opposite sex as a typical male sex object and on the other he is also an example of a man who showed women as strong, independent and the bosses of their own sexuality.

His work is a result of socio-political changes in the sixties and seventies, in which there was a shift in gendered power relations, emerging an emancipated and a much freer sexual morality.

There was also a collection of three young photographers who are working at the cutting edge of fashion, portrait and glamour photography. Carlijn Jacobs, Elizaveta Porodina and Philippe Vogelenzang present a strong, unconventional visual language in their work and express the visual connection with Helmut Newton’s work in various ways.

Carlijn Jacobs - %22Vivian Atlantis%22

Carlijn Jacobs – Vivian Atlantis

Elizaveta Porodina - %22Berlin%22

Elizaveta Porodina – Berlin

Philippe Vogelenzang - %22Big Nudes%22

Philippe Vogelenzang – Big Nudes


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