Looking at the multifunctionality of cell phones nowadays, it seems that we tend to use mobile phones for taking photos or navigating on the internet and less for talking – which is mainly what they were designed for.

I found myself in the crowd pointing my camera towards people who would hold their phones as they take pictures of whatever and whoever they would please, including to me.

Is that the way we go?

Since this technology is so easily accessible to almost everyone, it looks to me that the streets are now “flooded” with modern flaneurs at any age, class or gender.

Point and shoot then post it!!

I selected for my final exhibition six images in which I froze those moments of people totally focused on their phone cameras. I feel that they capture the modern flaneur and, the very act of taking them, made me into a psychogeographic flaneur. Exploring the and drifting about a contemporary physical and mental geography, in which the modern-day voyeurs become objects of voyeurism.

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