My plan for the FMP started with street photography. I often surprised myself scanning people’s faces, wondering what they felt? Why they felt that? And why do others feel differently? Is the face a true reflection of one’s inner life?

A while ago I blogged about the frustration I encountered at my workplace when during our lunch break all my friends around the table, except one, would be absorbed into their little world presented through 4” LCD screens (cell phones).

I must admit that up to this point I hadn’t noticed the obsession we have with our cellphones and how much they are eating into our time.

And this is what triggered the urge, the desire to look around more and document people’s behaviour when they are on their phones at different points of their daily lives.

Now, with this idea in mind I thought to myself that it is a great combination to go out into the streets and observe. To be the flaneur and capture those moments and also drift around from place to place while doing so.

I produced a series of photographs which I have presented in the class. After our crit and the feedback from my tutor I got a clearer picture about the direction I want to go with this project.

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