If I should start with something in particular, when talking about Yanidel’s photography, that would be the word “style”. I enjoyed his work from the get-go and I could easily lose hours on his blog without getting bored. If there is elegance, then I have all I need. And he is one of the photographers that have a sixth sense for spotting beauty in the world.

Whenever I see his work I feel as if I’m watching shots from a Luis Bunuel movie. There is a little bit of romance, a little bit of mystery, a little bit of craziness and a lot of good taste. And something more: there is humour. I always like an artist that doesn’t take himself too seriously, but that shows that he also has time to enjoy his work. In my research I often find new young artists and one of the things that is a common thread in their art is their description. There is a tendency of trying very hard to get the best idea of your life every time you work on something. That is the need to do something great, something revolutionary, something that will have very deep meaning and will impress the whole world. The problem is that this way of thinking narrows creativity, and probably that very best idea will turn into a clichéd one, far from being your way of expressing yourself.

There is one thing that I have learned from this photographer: enjoying what you do, and finding your style not by struggling to invent one, but by searching for it through trial and error. We should work hard while also having fun doing our work, as that is motivating and produces unique results. I have seen photos done by him from all around the world and still found in each one of them a lot of elegance. I think this is an ingredient that very much inspires me when I follow his work.

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