I was on the train the other week and I noticed while looking around that, apart from a couple of old-timers, absolutely everyone was buried ear-deep between the pages of a newspaper or, more commonly, staring into the bright slate that is their mobile phone. I was trying to think back, not even that far back either, to see if I could remember a time when people weren’t absorbed by the contents of their screens as much as they are nowadays.

Nowadays everybody seems to be preoccupied with rushing to catch a seat so that they can go through the same ritual every day, twice a day, just like brushing their teeth, and with a break on the weekends. Turn on, plug in, phase out. Tablets, phablets, phones, wired to a mire of wire and wireless noise-less buds, phones and earphones. Turn on, plug in, phase out. Rushing past pastures green at a hundred miles an hour, next to the burned-out ember orange of the day’s sun, un-phased.

We went into a tunnel before I could look out the window.

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