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One aspect that I found, perhaps unintentional on Arne’s part, quite amusing, was that he said he used a telelens used for photographing birds that he got from a friend. I thought how similar Downtown Manhattan residents living in their high-rise apartments and condos must be to birds. Watched while resting in their nests, caring for their young, or eating something they brought from the wilderness outside. A human tool for use against animals, turned against other humans.

I think that the outrage that the people in Svenson’s photographs, as manifested in the New York Supreme Court decision alloScreen shot 2015-08-06 at 21.48.07wing Svenson to publish the images, showed that whether something is invasive or not depends almost entirely on the frame of mind of the subject. If we expect to be watched, we probably don’t mind that much a photo of us being taken inadvertently or candidly. When we are on the street, we choose to dress ourselves up and present ourselves to the world in a way in which we are at peace with, whereas the way in which we are at home is for ourselves, and to publish that feels like taken away our right to put on a performance and try to create an opinion of ourselves that we wish. It feels like we are giving the social aspect of our lives to someone else.

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