In the 19th century Parisian life, activities and the city’s evolution was “recorded” by the flaneur in their pocket-size notebooks, everything was sketched and put into text, later on shown in oil paintings.

In the 1900’s when Brownie Camera was invented, this became very popular at a low cost, was affordable for people to buy it and use it. It was the first camera to use the concept of the snapshot = press the button, the rest we will take care.

Now with the camera invented, the photographers start to make us look at a picture differently then we look at a painting.

The today street photographers are what the urban flaneurs were in the 19th century = observers, journalists, documenting street activities, the buzz of the city.

As per Susan Sontag 1977 essay, she describes how since the development of a hand held cameras in the early 20th century the camera has become the tool of the flaneur.

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