For my business cards I wanted to do something special.

My aim was to have harmony throughout my marketing materials so that, for instance, when you go on my website you would find a similar feel as that on my business cards. To that end I started over with my old business cards, since I had updated my website, and started to think about how to integrate their design with my website.

I harmonised the fonts used between the website and my business cards, and I went with Times New Roman as I liked the sharp and stylish look of it, but I also wanted a font that would display nicely on almost everybody’s computer (unlike some of the more niche ones, like Neue fonts).

The second thing I did was to use my work as a landmark of the business cards themselves, so on their backs I put some of my favourite photographs from the website gallery. Indeed, the very opening banner from the website will appear on one of the three versions of the business card that I created.

Finally, I also put the logo on both the website and my business card. I feel that the logo is my signature and will incorporate it as a watermark on my photographs as well. I like it because it contains my initials, the same name as my domain name, and it plays with the shape of letters in order to create an effect of lenses, lashes and cameras. It’s very plastic.


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