Whenever I feel like I need to relax, I choose to do my work in the middle of nature, far from the noise of the city. Well if lavender is not a synonym for relaxation then I don’t know what is. The thing that I love the most about it is that it looks as good when photographed as it does in reality. The stillness is present everywhere, everything is in perfect balance and symmetry. Even little imperfections look like they were around for a reason.

What interests me is that you can see the people walking around, shaping their frame of mind after the atmosphere of the location. The place influences your state of being. It has the effect of calming you down. Most of the time, especially in the city you can find contrasts between certain aspects of a location and the people that happen to be in it by. Such a contrast is evident, for example, when photographing a child in a business centre.

Another example that comes to mind is when I once saw an anonymous photo in which there was a bus stop and a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk, and next to him 3 models that were being photographed. That was a bitter and, yet, true contrast. In this lavender field you can find no such contrasts. Why? Because the place transforms the people that walk around it. This is no place in which stress, angriness, or any inharmonious feelings can survive. The contrast, then, seems to be produced by the environment, and diminished by it, too.

That being said, I only found beauty, and I found contrasts in the colours and shapes, like that red empty carrycot. Or a yellow flower growing in the middle of a purple field, being as perfectly incorporated as it is peculiar to see it there. A green forest in the background while a girl is running around. The one and most solid contrast that I discovered in this location is the balance between stillness and movement. And is seemed to me like stillness won that day.

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