When I first got to see the work of Eric Kim I had the surprise of discovering a unique style. I immediately researched him to find out more, I found his works, his blog, and the more I discovered, the better I liked him.

As I read about his work and his experiences, I found out why he is such a good photographer: because, as it comes through his writing, he very much enjoys life. I think that is the main source of inspiration for this artist. I read some time ago an interview of his in which he said that it is better taking an “extraordinary photo of an ordinary person, rather than taking an ordinary photo of an extraordinary person”, and I thought to myself that this one sentence summed up what I feel that street photography is all about. Scouring the streets to find the magnificence that exists in the day-to-day life. There are some moments in which fortune collects many serendipitous details, puts them together, and something truly unique comes out. When I look at some of his photos I find a great sense of humor as he sometimes makes portraits look a bit like caricatures by having people placed in strange contexts, by using very bold colors and especially by having fun with the angles.

I find his studies in sociology very helpful and I can see from his photos that he knows where to look for the moments that he wants to capture. This, I think, this is the main challenge for a street photographer. Events are always passing you by, you just have to always be prepared and the more you can anticipate them, the better. What I appreciate the most about his work is noticing that he takes out the best from whatever situation is in front of his camera. It seems to me when seeing his work that it says “all or nothing”, but with a joyful approach of daily experiences.

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