If I could count how many times I wrote the word Contrast in my last posts I think I would be overwhelmed by the number. If I would realize how often I actually thought of this word and its appearance in the world that surrounds me, I know the number would overwhelm me. Even so, this very moment of your reading this will also be dedicated to contrasts. The more I think about this concept, the more I interested I become in it. I have thought, written and photographed it as much as I could, but now I have again a small question to ask myself.

However, today, compared to other days, I feel that my photography has really benefited from neutral light due to the sun being lightly filtered through the clouds, and very good visibility. The bright colour of the lavender field only helped the entire set-up quite a lot.

What is the actual power of the spaces that shape our behavior? This came through my mind as a result to a self-observation process. I often find myself being rigid or malleable depending on the space that I walk into. I also discover that after a period of time when I strongly believe that I could not fit into a certain space (an office, one too small a bedroom, a dirty restaurant), if I go there often, or I am obliged to spend a greater amount of time I become, at first, used to it and, in time, stop noticing what I didn’t like about it in the first time. More than that, my behaviour starts to change in order to fit into that one particular space, although that would not necessarily make me happier. That doesn’t mean either that something fundamental changes in my opinions, because as soon as I break contact with that space I also get rid of the habits. As I see it, the places that we have contact with influence our state of mind, and behaviour, without noticing. I believe in Japanese culture this power of the space is called “kehai”.

As strange as it may be, I never observed myself when changing myself into better after being in one particular space, but I had the chance of observing it in other people in this beautiful lavender field.

This beautiful field will have to find its way into my final selection.

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