I’m always excited when going to new exhibitions. Seeing “Black Fire” at the National Art Museum in Brasov was inspiring in many ways. Firstly, I got in contact with the work of a young Romanian artist, which, nowadays, I don’t have the chance to do as often.

When I entered the gallery I had no specific expectations, I was just very curious about discovering the world of an artist unknown to me until then. I was first impressed with how beautiful all of the black and white drawings looked on a plain white wall. It was very inviting, although it also seemed at a first glance that it will be a difficult journey, artistically, to traverse. It was all about contrasts, and I found it by chance. All about what we could say but we choose not to, what we could see but we don’t, how much we stimulate our senses and yet forget about our feelings. There was a lot about death, about shouting without making any sound. I was right. It was not easy to take in. At least not for me. There was a lot of grey developing in front of my eyes on a white background that made the drawings stand out even more. By that point everything started to seem overwhelming, until I took two steps back and I realized something. The drawings showed very clearly what the artist had meant: the piece is called “Manipulation” – and I see a blindfolded girl. It was not shown in an abstract way. Where is the contrast, I wondered? The contrast lies, I feel, between what happens in the drawings, and what should really happen in our lives. The contrast is between “you” and what “you’re looking at”. Are you the same, or are you different?

Yes, sometimes pointing out too much black makes you crave white. I don’t know if it was about how it is hopeless to try. I chose not to see it that way.

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