I wrote earlier (in “Street photography – a mirror l “) what happens when people become aware of the camera. The main question was this: what is the actual feeling that makes us start posing when we know that we are being photographed or filmed? And I think that I captured, by chance, the change and contrasting thoughts between knowing and not knowing that you are being “watched”. I once again found the answer in the sincere reaction of a little girl. I always knew that I could count on children to be honest, though I must admit they can fool me pretty easily.


In my restless search for a beautiful subject I came across a simple and beautiful pair, a mother and daughter. I must confess I couldn’t continue my work for too long because the girl’s reaction made me feel like an uninvited guest to a great party. At first that’s exactly how it was. They seemed like having a blast. There was dancing and cuddling on a sunny day in the city center of Brasov. I myself was having fun capturing that moment without, I thought, being noticed. Silly me. My undercover mission had soon been demolished by a short and strong glance. Of course I had been spotted by the little girl, and since I captured the first reaction, I found it a good opportunity to see how it will develop.

_MG_0510 _MG_0515 _MG_0524

Surprised, then bothered, then she told all the guests from that party (her mother) that I came unexpected, and after that I saw a little bit of shyness. Maybe when compared it to the adults, children are able to hide it better. It never happened to me in my experience to see an adult really feeling shy about taking their picture, or maybe they felt shy but they transformed it in a different feeling, so that we couldn’t see it.

Of course this specific analysis as to what people feel when in front of the camera is a very small part of the whole process, and maybe it is not the case for some of us. I still feel lucky that I had the chance to see it in a small percent, being expressed in this beautiful and honest way. The contrast between how people act when they are by themselves and how they change when they are in front of unfamiliar faces is a never-ending source of exploration.

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