Today I took another set of photographs that I am really proud of because of the way in which they speak to my theme.

One of the things that intrigue me in street photography is being able to capture every day life as it is, without make-up, without fancy clothes, without exquisite locations. The perfect reflection of a society. As I love the natural outcome, I usually like photographing people without them knowing it. Why? Because when they are starting to be aware of the camera, they also start posing.

Most of us usually have an idea of what we should look like while being in public. We imagine how we should talk, dress, and behave. In a strange kind of way we are all similar to actors when we are confronting society. We show the image that we want others to see, mostly being different from what we really are. We spend time collecting details over the years, manners, different styles of fashion from people that we like, expressions. We put them all in a little box and we forget that we know them, but they come to light with every small decision that we have to make. That is what is happening when we go out in public, and also when we have to stand in front of the camera. There is a little voice that tells us, when seeing a photo or filming camera:  “This is it. This is an image that cannot be changed anymore. You now have to show the best version of you”. Foolish, but the best version of us is not necessarily the one we think it should be.

And now that I think again, what is really the feeling that appears when one sees a camera?  I am talking, of course, about people that are not used to the camera. In a way it is funny, because you would think that everyone is natural when being photographed, we all have cameras on our mobile phones, we post everything on Facebook, Instagram. Yes it is true, but there also we share only what we like to be seen. Believe it or not, I found again a part of the answer while photographing a child.

It will be very hard to decide which ones to keep.

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