When photographing a group of people it is always interesting to see who stands out, who is the person that catches your eye. My wonderful subject might make it to the final selection. In this particular case, for me, there were two persons.

Usually if there is a large group of people one can stand out by being dressed differently, by sending a different message, or vibe, than the people who surround him. It is about not sharing the same interests with the masses, and finding other ways to express yourself. Sometimes you see people that stand out not because they are trying to make a fashion statement, not because they are trying to send a message with the clothes they wear and the music they listen to. Sometimes you see people that stand out just because they are really different; they live a life that separates them from the rest of the world, and they do it maybe out of a mixture of choice and chance. It is especially those times that I like to be a photographer. I stood a little bit aside and observed their friendship. Observing them in the crowded city square, full of people going to work, parents and children, people having a coffee at a terrace, made me think about the social contrasts that surround us every moment. When comparing the different stories that you often see on the streets, inevitably you question everything that you take for granted in your life. Your house, your daily morning rituals, your job; they can all go away very easily. Would that make you a less trusty or respectable person? Another thing struck me, when did we all get used to the idea of seeing everywhere people that don’t have a place to live, that have no food?

I think we can be surprised from time to time if we allow ourselves to see a little bit beyond what we think we know about the world. I like to do that every day, and I like to show those differences through photography, as often as I am able to catch them. The only question is which ones are of a sufficient photographic quality to make it to the end.

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