As I wrote before, I found Brasov a great place for my research and practice, therefore some of the posts to come will have this location as a common thread.

I was walking around trying to notice the pulse of the city, in search for something that inspires me. As it happened to me before, I found inspiration in sincerity. I found a group of children reacting to an event. Each in his own very personal way. And I couldn’t help but notice the difference between their opinions. We all know that children can be very expressive, their yet un-shaped personality can react in surprising ways for adults. When photographing adults on the street you immediately notice that they are more reserved in exposing their opinions or reactions in public places, unless the event is really shocking. In a way it is normal, we constantly think what we are going to do next, whatever daily event might happen, we try to foresee and guard against it all. Of course that is not the case for them, the children. I learned that on that day. Perhaps in adults I am searching for the contrast between what they know – and what they feel, what they show – and what they are. In the case of the children, I had to try and capture whatever they did; because it is, on the one hand, beautiful, and, being so unguardedly natural, also far from being a clichéd reaction of the kind sometimes practiced by adults. I saw the contrast as the result of the different, spontaneous reactions happening at the same time in the same group. The powerful effect lied in photographing that effect in a group; picturing them separately, I think, would have ruined the effect.

I couldn’t say that I did not laugh when I saw them. The very first thought that came to my mind was having a group of adults reacting that way. Not far from the crowd of children, I noticed a little girl feeding the pigeons around her. She was doing the feeding with the seriousness and engagement of a NASA engineer working on getting the Voyager 1 into space. It was then clear for me that I will come back to this subject, trying to understand and surprise the world of children. They are contrasting in every way a human being can be. They are not incomplete adults, but humans in a different stage.

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