I have spoken in my previous posts about contrasts. About contrasting feelings, and how I would like to capture them in their most unusual expression and sometimes in their most simple state of being.

My experience has shown me that you might find contrast not only in the subject that gave you the impulse to take the photo. Sometimes when you look again at your work, you may be surprised to discover your theme revealing itself again and again, in new ways each time. Sometimes in places you wouldn’t have thought you would see it. That is when I realised: the site makes a big difference when talking about street photography. Being born in Brasov, Romania, I had got to a point when the city didn’t surprise me anymore. I knew all the places, I knew plenty of people living there, I knew what kind of social categories could be found in which places; I knew its seasons bursting with colours. One small detail, tough, slipped from my mind: I never knew that city from an artistic point of view.


When I started photographing people going to work, or relaxing in different sites in Brasov, I realised that it was a neverending source of stories and it is for sure a city of great contrasts. The old city center of Brasov has buildings dating from 1370, and it has always been a point of gathering for the community. It is the environment in which you can find the young ones, old ones, busy or not, rich or poor. They all cross the central square (Piata Sfatului) and its surrounding sites.

_MG_0480 _MG_0776

What a better opportunity for me to find my inspiration. Here, people are very engaged in their conversations and actions, and I am decoding stories, relations, feelings. I am trying to take off yet another layer of appearance and get the most beautiful contrast that I could possibly find.

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