Keeping the theme of emotional contrasts in mind I have been walking around the city, trying to think how to best illustrate it. I often surprised myself scanning people’s faces, wondering what they felt? why they felt that? and why do others feel differently? Is the face a true reflection of one’s inner life? If it is not so, then maybe it is an even better subject for contrasts in itself. I wished to find an idea that would not present a simple contrast (sad face/happy face), but a deeper one, glee when the context would dictate depression, great sorrow in the wake of triumph. The human heart and mind unravelled.

At this point I realised that I had my answer in front of me all along. Where else would I find such diversity of experiences and so many cases to choose from? Where more easily could I find people being honest and true except when they’re not posing? People too busy going about their normal lives would not pay too much attention to a photographer and might just give me the opportunity to take the candid shots that I need. The problem is that in order to do that I need to blend into the crowd so that my subjects do not know that they are being photographed. Even if this might be legal on public spaces (which I need to research), I need to think about the ethical implications of photographing people without their permission. And there is another layer of difficulty when it comes to photographing children if I want to make sure to be sensitive to their needs.

I will have to think about this and return to it after more research. For now, I am very happy that I have found my new studio: the streets.

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