Continuing my thoughts from the last post I made on here, I feel that I should talk a little about what I will do from a technical perspective.

Juxtaposing an image, done in the simplest possible way, is not at all a difficult task. However, that would be a very bland and uninspiring juxtaposition. Very rough around the edges. Indeed, my photo editing skills in Adobe Photoshop are not at the level that I wish they were at, and I feel that this was rightly highlighted by my tutors. Creating a finished juxtaposed image for someone who is still relatively new to the craft requires many hours of editing in Photoshop, and I realised this from an early stage, although not with enough time to get to the level I wanted to be at.

However, the editing process using this new technique gave me new motivation to experiment with Photoshop and reminded me of what a powerful, even if complex, tool it is. Beyond the purely technical process of creating a juxtaposed image, there is also the second branch of making it into single product at the end. Perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of the process for me was maintaining relative proportionality between the elements of the juxtaposed images and not unintentionally distorting the perceived depth of the image. Whatever contrasts appear in the finished image ought to be there only intentionally. I now know that in order to create an image that flows together aesthetically and has a naturalness that does not attract attention the only answer is more deliberate practice.

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