This year has been a Pandora’s Box for me in many ways, all of them positive, as disconcerting this may be. Releasing fears and professional insecurities was just a means for taming them up to a point where I could develop my skills pressure free and without any kind of destructive mindset in place. The background I had back in Eastern Europe was not of much help when I decided to take on this degree. Planning ahead, meeting deadlines, being more effective or efficient, these were pretty much inexistent in the post-communist era of Romania until the 2000’s. It was, therefore, an almost insurmountable task to get hold of these professional flaws and also get acquainted with an all-around artistic curricula. Yet, here I am!

I found myself in a circle of young people that are very much alike in terms of life achievements and also goals. People that somewhere along the way stopped learning, got a job, got entangled in life, then at some point decided to go back to university and follow their heart by studying about a life long passion. Mine was photography and it was so for all my colleagues. Everyone felt the huge learning curve they had to deal with, as well the not so technical skill set they were pushed to acquire. The BA course is indeed not about technical skills, but about learning how to become an artist, or rather learning to get an artist’s mindset.

The fact that I was able to meet so many creatives and artists from various creative industries was a real mind opener and without these fortunate encounters my insights on this human typology and ultimately on these fields would have been pretty narrow. I believe meeting artists in another context than their usual public appearances or work related situations is vital for understanding their mindset. We had the chance to meet people that wanted to share, to give back, to teach, with the limits that “learning” to be an artist inherently has. Their burning passion for what they do makes them great mentors and, along with our BA teachers, they made awesome role models and hopefully we will one day step into their shoes.

This year’s FMP has been challenging, as well as a mean for me to start creating something from scratch, to conceptualize more, to become more artistically responsible. I noticed I tend to link any artistic initiative with behaviours or anything that has a social twist. This is an approach I plan to use in all my future projects, which I believe shall be human-centric, with a focus on psychology and sociology.

I feel that everything I have done in the past year, as well as all the previous experiences, led me to take on the life of a full time photographer. Whether this discipline is my “call of the wild” I do not know yet, but it is the strongest passion I have felt yet, so I believe it is only fair to follow it and make it bloom.

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