Tristan Manco is a prolific graphic designer that has a special relationship with music, in the way that he designed many album covers. I found this extremely sensitive and a clear sign of a great sensibility within this specific artist. Tristan has studied illustration in Wolverhampton, caught the bug of painting, worked for seven years at the studio of Genesis member Peter Gabriel, afterwards he went freelance and created music packaging for various artists. Some of his clients include EMI Records, Universal, Channel 4, Cheltenham Festival and many others.

He discussed about his many books on graffitti, this being a sub-culture he particularly enjoyed. The context was ainly a geographical one, as Bristol had a large amount of talented stencil artist. He also loved the works of Banky and started compiling a book, while at the same time delegating his friends abroad to photograph all the stencil art they could find.

Tristan had a very interesting perspective on how he was able to make the grafitti/stencil sub-culture less perishable, by acting as some sort of liaison between these artists and printers. Producing screen-printings for these artists was rather interesting for him but also a form of immortalizing their art. He was pretty inspiring, although I not a big fan of this sub-culture, but I understood the struggle of Tristan to save this art, as well as the context that led to his current artistic profile.

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