The Hayward Gallery is managed by Southbank Centre and hosts up to three/four major temporary modern or contemporary exhibitions each year, while it does not house any permanent collections. The Independent states about Hayward: “The most buzzy, music-filled site in the whole of London.” Dominik works here as an assistant curator, having studied and worked within the field of art history.

He told us he previously held a position at Barbican an curated over the years some major exhibitions. His recent work also involves plenty of solo exhibitions which he specifically enjoys due to the fact he can focus on a single artist and the visitors can make the most out of the exhibition.

Dominik seemed quite authoritative when it came to deciding what the artists could exhibit, and apparently he has the last word when it comes to this. I believe it is the right attitude and a curator should have the expertise, knowledge and flair in order to identify the best works of an artist to be shown at a specific time and place in history.

After Dominik’s presentation I am sure to visit more often the Southbank Centre, as it is the meeting point of classical, world music, rock, pop, jazz, dance, literature and  visual arts, things I enjoy on a regular basis.

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