Sunjuu Lee’s drawings and printings made a lasting impression on me and I plan on hanging some of them on my wall. (well, probably not the originals, anyway) She is from Korea and has completed an MA program in Fine Art at the Royal Collage of Art.

It seems that one of her main inspirations is the French movie Last Year in Marienbad. This is the how she developed the shadows theme, discussing through visuals their place in space and time. It is interesting how an artist can draw his inspiration from apparently random things whose meaning is then imbued with the artist’s personal experiences and openness in order to become a piece of art.

By this time, Lee also started noticing how people change themselves depending on their surroundings. different clothing, different attitudes, different facial expressions.

This ultimately led to her series A Practiced Place, which has as a starting point all the shadows cast in a single area over the course of a day, which have been singled out and combined into a huge, fragmented image. This  seemed pretty impressive to me and is a great example about how deep an artist’s observation and abstractization might go in order to achieve something great.


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