Simon Goode is the mastermind behind the London Centre for Books Arts, a shop that combines papermaking crafts typesetting and bookbinding into a comprehensive curricula for those interested to make their own artist’s books. Goode set up the Centre after a research journey in the US, a time where he roamed the country to discover traditional techniques such as letterpress making and bookbinding. Even though the craft of the book arts has been around for centuries, in the UK there was no such centre, a thing which appears to Goode as an anomaly. As opposed to US, at least, where the first book centres opened up some 38 years ago in New York.

Simon Goode at work

The centre will offer workshops and courses for beginners and professionals alike, as there are no easy ways to access specialized equipment for book arts. The courses will continue, in a way, the book arts course graduated by Goode at the London College of Communications, that is now earmarked for closure. This is what Simon has to say about the lack of access to equipment: “Unless you can afford to buy all your own equipment, and you’ve got a living room with reinforced floors, there’s no way of doing it.”

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