Patrick Bergoyne from the Creative Review magazine had an interesting perspective on what a Press Coverage is, in terms of contemporary marketing. Although I do not agree with his opinion that any Social Media channel now can do the job of a traditional magazine (a Twitter account or an Instagram account, for example) he may be right in the way that harnessed accordingly, the power of Social Media can have a strong ROI for anyone that knows what he is doing.

Also, his insight on how the magazine shows graduate work was welcomed, but in my opinion 40 graduate works (shown last year in the online version of the magazine) do not mean a lot in terms of exposure for all of the graduates in the creative fields.

In another train of thoughts, since I follow closely the Creative Review, I was able to find  some common ground with Patrick on the Social Media theme he touted so much during his presentation.

The importance of self-promotion was another thing on his agenda, and he suggested we use every available media to do so. The portfolio is no longer a box filled with printed papers, it should rather mean all our online presence and the way we manage it. I agree with this point and I believe we, as future artists, should use a multi-channel approach when promoting our services or art.

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