Nathaniel’s talk was named “Design is about people, not objects”. I tend to agree with that and from what I saw on their website, they explore human behaviour thoroughly before launching a final design. He discussed about how to create a meaning within a product and gave us a very strong example. The Uber app has to e able to share the ETA with the person you are going to visit. This “unique benefit” adds value to the product and it is ultimately linked to the way it changes how we communicate and interact.

Giraitis is the Head of Strategy at Smart Design and his main role is to integrate design in the business of the company’s clients.

Having a true insight on what people really need is a key component in delivering a useful product. This was the main point of Nataniel’s talk and it is clearly a very well known truth in the creative industries. For example, Saatchi and Saatchi, the well known advertising agency, employs Insight Managers. Smart Design has used great insights when developing the Under Armour Sports Bra, the Reach toothbrush from Johnson&Johnson or  the product designs for OXO.

Nathaniel has been a great speaker and I was delighted to discover the portfolio of his agency, I definitely enlarged my horizon and learned useful things about how to acquire an insight and also some information on product design.


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