Concetta Gallo graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Printed Textile Design, in 2004. Since then, she had a fulfilling career in places such as HABITAT, TOPSHOP, George Home, Marks & Spencer.  Her smashing designs for the HABITAT ranges of dinnerware and home accessories were named after herself, “Concetta”, and were an astonishing succes, remaining a best seller ever since their launch in 2007.

“Concetta” patterned bone china range

Her often surreal, contemporary designs are a signature that remove the design objects out of the mundane and place them into a world of fantasy and wonder, thus making table time a highly enjoyable experience. However, I believe that someone that pays a lot of attention to details may find himself interpreting the visual metaphors of Gallo’s work and forget about nourishing himself.

Victorian Era elementes, overlays with birds, fans, chinoiserie, animals in general, make from Gallo’s work an enjoyable visual experience, whimsical, I might add, and also serene. The modern twist vintage elements get by using a creative combination is, in my opinion, essential to the succes of her work.

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