While having a look back at the research and final outcome of my FMP, I was wondering whether the final photos describe the concept in its entirety and make a solid point when it comes to exposing the deep diferences between introverts and extroverts. Thing is that, while planning to have a multi-layered result and be able to convey also secondary contrasts, such as child – adult, nature – urban landscape, silence – noise, the main constrast may have faded a bit. Sure, what the artist believes the work of art conveys to the public may be totally different from the public’s judgements.

I believe the final two complementary images make a strong point, although from a visual point of view they make an oversimplified statement on the fairly complex relations the introverts and extroverts have with their inner and outer world. What they really are is a starter for individual reflections on how human beings relate to one another and to themselves, ultimately leading the viewers to questioning the kind of relations they nurture (with the outside world) and how they relate with their inner self.

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