My initial contrast themes included the 80’s versus the present, the nature versus the urban life and the introvert vs extrovert, which I eventually picked up and developed. Even though the other two seemed interesting as well, I chose the later because it involved people. Ultimately, we live in an anthropocentric world and everything revolves around us, but discussing about human feelings and human types seemed the most relevant given our contemporary disease chain: angst, loneliness, fear.

Technology has found its way into our lives and it seems it will no longer leave us, instead finding ways to protrude through every fiber of our being, be it physical or spiritual. So why didn’t I chose to discuss the 80’s versus the present? That revered decade shaped the X generation in so many ways, it rocked us with so many breakthroughs in technology that one could say it was the beginning of the world as we know it today. As we enter the Third Industrial Revolution, it is clear that its beginnings are rooted in the 80’s. But still, the theme ultimately failed to make a lasting impression on me. However, I ended up researching a bit and found this series I fully recommend, called The 80’s, the decade that made us.

The urban life versus nature was a theme I picked up last year while documenting a project in the mountainous area of Brasov, Transylvania, but then realized it is a well documented theme and very much present in the online and various publications, as the majority of us living in large cities seek to escape in rural areas. It seemed also a bit of a cliche and could not find a proper twist to make it worthy for the project.

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