The outside world is quite different when filtered by introverts and extroverts. Susan Cain, in her book “Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking”, discusses the way both of these types draw their energy from their surroundings and how this ultimately affects their view upon the world. I examined a few quotes that may help me decide what kind of background should I choose for my double exposure project.

Highly sensitive people also process information about their environments–both physical and emotional–unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss–another person’s shift in mood, say, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly.

Some people act like extroverts, but the effort costs them energy, authenticity, and even physical health. Others seem aloof or self-contained, but their inner landscapes are rich and full of drama.

Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to. Stay home on New Year’s Eve if that’s what makes you happy. Skip the committee meeting. Cross the street to avoid making aimless chitchat with random acquaintances. Read. Cook. Run. Write a story. Make a deal with yourself that you’ll attend a set number of social events in exchange for not feeling guilty when you beg off.

Open-plan offices have been found to reduce productivity and impair memory. They’re associated with high staff turnover. They make people sick, hostile, unmotivated, and insecure.

It is pretty obvious, then, what kind of setting seems more appropriate for each of the two types to fully manifest themselves. However, I was thinking about a second type of contrast, one where the introvert is exposed to a social environment and where the extrovert is confronted with the quietness of nature or a solitary refuge. How would they act? Indifferent? Embarassed? Bored? I believe I should expose them to these different types of environment, not only as a way to confirm the observations of dr. Cain, but also to give the contrasts’ concept a second layer.

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