Since I’ve been touting the double exposure technique in the last few posts, I thought about also describing a bit the process itself. Not the analogue one, which I suppose is quite well known, but the Photoshop process. this one is a bit more complicated but gives more control on the final output, as well as any amount of post processing.

This is a tutorial found on Spoon Graphics, and I will describe here only its main steps, while attempting to discuss the technical process in parallel with the project concepts I developed so far, the introversion versus extroversion and the world of the inner child opposed to the harsh realities of  the adult life. These two are actually intertwined, because the introverts and extroverts are just two instances of our inner child coping with the outside world.

This tutorial focuses on the popular trend nowadays, that is superimposing a portrait over a landscape of some kind. The portrait usually needs to have a clean background, because othwerwise it will be quite difficult to clip out the subject. Here are two sample photos that could be used to create a good double exposure.

Now, the subject needs to be clipped out of the portrait photograph. By using the Pen tool we closely follow the outline of the person’s profile.

Once the subject is outlined, we need to use the selection in the layer that contains the landscape we chose for the double exposure. We then add a Layer Mask,obtaining something similar to this:

Should I discuss the concept at this point, I think this type of image is more relevant for the universe of an introvert, describing fairly well his complex inner world and the deep thinking that he is able to show. On the contrary, I think the background for an extrovert should not be superimposed over his portrait, rather it should somehow surround the portrait, as a means of showing that the extrovert’s attention is focused towards the outside, material world.

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