I believe there are two big challenges when shooting introverts and extroverts, one for each type. An extrovert can be seen at its best in a social environment, so the photographer needs to mingle with the people, to interact, to follow the extrovert in order to get the best out of him. It is a mouse and cat game, and it exposes the photographer, should the extrovert decide to play along and act like a model and tease the camera.

On the other hand, an introvert feels shy around a camera and it is likely that a photographer needs to blend in very well or hide the camera in order to get a good shot. There are situations where an introvert may just sit down and ponder various problems and only small, almost imperceptible gestures may reveal his actions. I’m thinking another way to better catch a glimpse of an introvert is to record a video and then extract the frames needed for a good portrait.

I have selected a few portrait photographers I appreciate and believe they represent good references for the two shots needed for the FMP.

Andrej Dragan

Brian Ingram

Brian Ingram

Brian Ingram3

Dean Bradshaw

Brian Ingram2



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