While researching the double exposure technique and looking for references, I came across Daniela Zalcman’s work and I find it adorable. The perfect geometry of her double exposure series that mixes London and New York is something to strive for and the postprocessing is definitely the work of a professional. Not to mention the camera is that of an iPhone!

While reviewing dozens of doble exposure photos, I came to the conclusion that only by having a strong sense of proportions and composition in general one can achieve great results. The general rule is to have at least one subject of one photo isolated on a neutral background, so it can be easily cut out in postprocessing and also in order to obtain a clean final image. Usually, one image is the background fill for another one’s subject’s outline.

Sure, Zalcman’s art breaks that general rule while still showing great composition and rich, populated photos. Even though the actual contrast between the two cities is hardly noticeable, one can still recognise London’s architecture among skyscrapers and small european cars, a rarity in New York. My own double exposurewith some of London’s bridges is the first experiment using this technique and, while it still need to be refined for the final project, it still manages to convey a certain surreal feeling and a contrast of some kind.

multiple exsposure

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