As I am more and more convinced that my experiment  shall be an interesting observation of the introvert as an artist, I am also wondering how am I going to document the period of time during my work. I was previously thinking about a journal and recording all of my daily activities, as a means of post-experiment analysis.

What could I possibly discover?

  • new habits I develop in recluseness
  • a natural work routine
  • the way I take and use breaks
  • body posture and gestures during work

Who knows? The data output obtained in this way could be used to complete the project in a number of ways, here are a few of them:

  • mapping my movement in the environment and making a visualization out of it
  • using the video of me working in some creative way
  • verbalizing, recording my thinking process and using it as a narrative for the actual work (should it be a video)

I don’t think the ultimate purpose of the experiment is to validate such an approach towards work, it should rather aim to validate introverts as valuable and interesting people, despite their perceived flaws in a contemporary society where the extroversion is the norm.

Since I’ve covered here the observation part of the project (let us label it “the experiment”) let me describe briefly what I have in mind for the creative part of the project. I was thinking of designing some sort of “head protection” for the generic extrovert, a symbol of his defence mechanism when exposed to overly social situations. think of something quite abstract, such as a cube, a cylinder or a triangle, each with a different meaning. These may be then used in a social environment. The output could be a video or a set of photographs.

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