A self-documentation of photographic/artistic endeavors in solitude
This is the first consistent idea of project I had, after consistently researching the introvert and extrovert studies, behaviours, ideas and the lives of quite a few celebrities (artists, politicians and science pioneers, among others).Given the reverence and appreciation the culture of extravertion has nowadays, I have chosen to explore the other side, more quieter, profound, and quite peripheric in today’s society.

As Douglas Davis puts it, along with a plethora of other celebrities, “Art starts alone – and convinces society later.” Therefore, I have chosen to experiment with solitude during the actual work for the FMP, in order to explore and perhaps gain acces to the benefits of this state.The project itself will have two kinds of outputs, actually. The result of the creative approach, be it a film, a photo set, a collage or a combination between the aforementioned, and then the data resulted from documenting the moments of solitude during the creative work, the habits I shall develop, the feelings and the overall condition of my body and psyche.This second part may as well be some sort of an artistic performance, with precise habits, selected tools, a restrained space and specific rules, documented through a private journal, a video camera footage and so on.

The project may have the following steps:

1. Choosing a recluse location for the project (a cabin, hut, retreat)
2. Preparing main theme of the project (“visual study and abstractions of
an introvert at work”)
3. Setting up the rules and habits for the “introvert” artist.
4. Establishing the observation method for my behaviour as an “introvert”.

Also, in order not to be one-sided, the experiment may include working in a social environment, such as a hub and in such a manner that the artist (myself) needs to make the most uf its social skills and get close to the behaviour of an extrover. (eg. working with models)

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