Discussing about dichotomy in art was not an easy task, because the theme was extremely broad and vast. On one hand, I had to find dichotomies in the very universe of each artist I discussed. On the other, when compared to each other, I wanted to observe also large dichotomies, fractures between their way of perceiving life and art. Therefore, I had to look for strong characters and striking art performances or art objects. Sure, the political or cultural dichotomies may seem obvious, because they rely on dividing the society between doers and nay sayers, between partisans and opponents, between believers and non-believers. But with the artists, things are more nuanced.

Also, the movies have their way of introducing dichotomies through the structure of the script. Sometimes, the initial situation may present a dichotomy, a fracture, a situation that needs reconciliation of some sort. New worlds, new customs, an alien element that perturbs some traditional elements, these are common tools in the world of movies when it comes to dichotomies.

Fine arts and photography are, I believe, the most obvious territories where dichotomies can be spotted. Visual metaphors speak for themselves and have nothing to hide, most of the time. Should they be abstract, the viewers cand spot dichotomies even when they do not exist. Should they be rational and obvious, the dichotomies reveal themselves immediately.

Picking these themese (movie and documentary art, cultural and political, fine arts and photography) I tried to show three types of dichotomy manifestations and the different ways they occur in these fields.

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