This second lecture reinforced the idea that research is essential for our succes. Plenty of research and reflecting upon that research seems to be the only way for good grades and, obviously, a good quality work.

The idea of contextualising came up during the lecture, and it was described as a means of gaining insight into what is around us. Of course, one should take care not to get stuck in one narrow area when doing research. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and one should be able to find a vantage point and understand the big picture before deciding what path to follow.

Another idea that came up during the lecture was that we should not be happy with a small desktop research, but rather go out and explore libraries, galleries, films, TV shows and artists, even if they are outside our area of study. Of course, having a rich cultural life is part of one’s development and without it there are slim chances for us to get an artist’s mindset.

We also got some advice on the dissertation and were told how this should be a helper for our final projects. The research for the essay preparation will be a great practice for the final major projects, not to mention that topics of interest we discover now may be used in the future or even enriched for the final major projects.

We also watched a number of videos during this lecture, I will update the post soon with one of them.

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