The lecture was pretty structured and we discussed about how to actually get started with the essay. We discussed four themes, which are research, planning, writing and informing our FMP.

The research is, obviously, the starting point for quality works and we were reminded of how it can boost our grades. Great research means scouting for ideas in even the less likely places, and we were told we should not stick to just one medium of art. Inspiration comes from anywhere!

Planning is also essential for the essay writing. Having a clear structure and the final objective in mind is of great help. Breaking it down into chapters is always helpful, as large chunks of information without a clear structure may be confusing at times.

The total word count for the essay should be of 4000 words, without the bibliography. It is, without a doubt, a big project, and generous enough to be the starting point for the FMP. What I can hope for is to be able to make a balanced and thorough research, as I usually get stuck in one interesting theme and cannot let it go in order to discover other perspectives.

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