It was clear to me that without proper research one cannot get consistent and valuable results. This lecture only came to reinforce that belief, as we learned that one can avoid the pitfalls of self-sufficiency only through thorough research.

The phrase that got stuck into my head during and after this lecture was “Only through the process of analysis does information become research”. This obvious truth is quite hard to grasp, as in the past I would often use raw information as research, without trying to analyse it. Of course, the pompous words of others may initially sound great in the given context, but without a solid reason for them being there, they are of little or no utility.

As we went through the lecture, we found out about the structure of the dissertation project: 70% the actual essay and 30% the research that is to be documented on our blog. A strong suggestion was to start creating a mind map of our essays and the FMP, which I intend to create since I used before mind map tools and I found them extremely useful. (MindMeister, for example)

Another suggestion was related to the fact that everything we research should be noted on the blog, be it a link, a photo, a quote or larger research/documents/observations. I agree to that because one gets a feeling of collecting/accessing a database when the research is in one place, making it easier during the actual worg for the essays or the FMP.

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