Bruno Bayley

Bruno Bayley is a journalist and the European Managing Editor of the famous VICE magazine, with which I was quite unfamiliar with up until this Industry Friday. While checking the magazine’s archive, I must say I found many of its subjects way too explicit for my personal taste but, as Bayley himself boasts about the mag, I agree that `it covers stories that other people won’t cover`, a thing I find challenging and useful for the public.

v19n2 001 cover (0.3125).indd

VICE cover


The talk Bruno gave us was centered around the magazine’s evolution, so at the time I was unable to pe objective, since I knew nothing about the magazine. However, he told us that VICE became from being polemicist to being more artistically oriented, and also that he was there to make sure that the balance between the original spirit of VICE and what it is now is kept. I believe that, as more quality journalism finds its way into the magazine, such as honest articles about, say, foreign affairs, the magazine gains a second public, besides the original hardcore followers that were attracted by the sensationalism of the `original VICE`.


VICE cover


Bruno explained to us that the articles are deeper than they used to be, backed by powerful photography from various contributors, most of them freelancers. The moment he told us that photography agencies fail to provide the material VICE needs, I thought this could prove to be a great opportunity in the future. However, judging by the agressive and misfit style of the photos I reviewed, I’m not sure I would get to develop such a style. Sure, the fact that New York is where the magazine gets their most contributions is a certain sign that the avantgarde of their photographic material stems from that specific geographical area.


VICE cover


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